You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

1.  So what exactly is this stuff called paracord?
  • Paracord, also known as 550 cord or type III 550 cord, is made in the U.S. by Government Contractors, and was used for the suspension of parachutes in WWII.  
  • Each strand of paracord has a breaking strength of 550lbs!!  This is super strong nylon. Today, paracord is not only used by military personnel but civilians as well and has hundreds of uses including survival situations; building shelter, making a perimeter trip line for warning, tie up gear, make splint for broken bones, use as a tourniquet, use the inner core for fishing line or sutures, etc ....  just for starters.  
  • Paracord will NOT mold, rot, or mildew. Paracord colors will NOT bleed or fade in the sun and will NOT become hot to touch in the sun. Paracord will NOT crack or freeze. Paracord can be worn while your pooch is swimming and can be tossed in the washing machine with gentle detergent to clean (lay flat to dry). Paracord is gentle around your pooch's neck and your hands while walking yet durable, strong, and dependable, and will stand up to even the toughest and strongest of pullers.  


 2.  How Do I Measure My Dogs Neck?  

  • Take your dog's current, well-fitting collar, please ensure the fit is comfortable and where you want his new collar to sit.  
  •  Lay collar out flat on hard surface and measure from buckle to buckle. 
  • Take the same collar and buckle.  Using a soft measuring tape, measure the INSIDE of the collar.  If you do not have a soft tape measure, you can use a piece of string and then measure that.
  •  During the checkout process, please provide the above information in the "Notes to Seller"
  • Moo and Finley offers adjustable and non-adjustable collars, therefore it is your responsibility to provide Moo and Finley Collars with the accurate measurements.


3.   How Long Do I Have To Wait To Be A Show-Off?
  • Our dog collars and leashes are customized especially for you and your pooch.  All orders are shipped within 14 business days.  Once your order is complete, we will send you an email with all of your shipping and tracking information.  
  • Moo and Finley Collars is not responsible for any delays with the Postal Service.
  • We keep most colors in stock, however, if you place your order and we do not have in stock, we will contact you immediately to let you know.  We will also reach out to our supplier to order.  If this happens, there may be a delay for us to complete your items. 
  • Please ensure all information you have submitted is accurate and up-to-date in case we do need to contact you.  Orders will not be completed if we cannot reach you.
4.    How Do I Clean A Dirty Collar?
  •  Paracord is easy to clean, you can either take a damp cloth and wipe off or if your pooch was really rotten and rolled around in mud, you can toss it right in the washer on cold water with .  I recommend you place your collar and /or leash in a pillow case if you put in washer (I also add a few towels - not so loud). Paracord colors DO NOT bleed or run.  Lay flat to dry.  DO NOT put in dryer; it could shrink.
5.    Can My Dog Go Swimming?
  •  Absolutely!  You can get your paracord wet!  Your collar and leash will NOT shrink, fade, rot, mildew or bleed from being in the water.  They dry pretty quick with no "after-odors", like the "wet-dog" smell.   Please remember to lay your paracord collar out flat to dry. 
  • If your pooch swims in salt water, we advise you to wash your collar/leads after several times swimming.


6.  Smoke Free and Pet Friendly
  • Pretty explanatory I think, but I will tell you anyway.  All of our items are made for you in our smoke free home studio, which is also very pet friendly.  No smoke, never, nope!