Who is Moo and Finley?

The story of Moo and Finley                                                               

Every story has a beginning, this is ours;

After experiencing some health changes in life, I knew I needed to do something and my passion for animals is deep.  I have donated, volunteered in shelters and rescues, fostered bottle feeding puppies and kittens, rescued many cats and dogs, and was a foster failure.  If i could save them all, I would!  My biggest dream is to open the largest sanctuary in the US.  I have even put it on paper, now I just need to win the lottery. 

Currently we share our home with 4 furry family members.

The Felines: Tag (approx. 13-15 years), Jeremy (11 years) and the baby, Leda (8 years).  These crazy kitties have all been adopted at our local rescue and shelters.  Marley (18 years) passed away last year from cancer; he was also adopted from the shelter life.  Each one having their very own personalities get along and often sleep close together.  They have brought a lot of laughter into our lives.

The Canine:  Marilyn "Moo" (6 years), and our sweet boy Finley.  These is much to say about these 2 goof balls

Marilyn was adopted from a rescue when she was 8 weeks old, however, we met her when she was only 3 weeks.  We knew right away it was love at first sight.  Her mom had been dumped at a shelter when she was pregnant and saved by the rescue where she was able to have her puppies, each finding a loving home.  She is truly spoiled rotten.  

Finley was found in a yard with his mom and dad (who was also his brother) tied to trees.  He was roughly 4 months old.  All 3 were rescued.  His mom was pregnant with her 6th litter, it was her last litter!  All puppies found loving homes. Finley was my amazing foster failure!  Unfortunately, due to his inbreeding, he had many health issues and on many medications.  My husband and I made the self-less, most difficult decision and on January 21, 2015 he crossed the rainbow bridge.

These 2 have brought so much into our lives and have taught us so much more. 

Moo and Finley Collars donates a portion of every sale to animal rescue.  We want to do our part to help the unwanted, neglected, abused, and discarded.


Thank you for stopping by.  

Moo and Finley