What is it?

So what is paracord exactly?


  • Paracord, which is also known as parachute cord, or Type III 550 cord is a light weight, yet super strong nylon cord that was orginally used in WWII for the suspension of parachutes.


  • We use only high quality, Made in the USA, 550 Mil-Spec Type III paracord that has an inner 100% nylon strand core.  Each strand has a breaking strength of 550 lbs.


  • You can unravel your paracord in the event of an emergency and use for many situations: fix broken belts and straps, snares and traps, shoelaces, sewing, fishing lines, shelter building and tie downs.


  • Paracord is available in hundreds of colors, patterns, camouflage, glow in the dark and reflective


  • Paracord is UV, rot, mildew and mold resistant.  It will not crack, bleed or fade. It can get wet; your pup can swim while wearing his new collar.


  • Paracord can be thrown in the washer with cold water.  Do not put in dryer as it could shrink.


  • It is gentle on your hands and wont pull the hair on your furry friend.