6ft. Paracord Dog Leash, Neon Pink & Black Diamond

Marilyn Moo & Finley Too

$ 49.98

Handmade and customized on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Moo and Finley Collars are made especially for you and your pup.  Paracord is available in colors and patterns, including camouflage, neon and reflective. 

Moo and Finley Collars are durable, strong, trendy and fun. 

Order your today!

This listing is for our 6ft. Neon Pink and Black Diamond Paracord Dog Collar with a Black Rifle Sling Clip.  Each lead is designed using the Cobra weave with a reinforced handle designed with the King Cobra.  Matching collars, bracelets and keychains are available.


  • USA made Type III, 550 cord
  • Reinforced handle
  • Rifle sling clip
  • Detachable hand stamped MM&FT logo tag

Why Paracord?

  • Made in the USA
  • 7 inner nylon cores
  • 550lb breaking strength
  • UV, rot, mildew and mold resistant
  • Won't fade or bleed

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A portion of all sales is donated to animal rescue




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